Our Programs & Services


Our goal is to empower survivors to break free from their abusers and gain independence. Our healing program aims to help our clients survive their trauma, recover and rebuild their lives.  We will also provide them with skills and resources to gain financial independence, take control of themselves and make positive changes in their lives.

Temporary Shelter / Housekeeping & Facility Maintenance at BFF Home

At BFF Home, a collaborative effort is made by both residents and staff to uphold cleanliness and organization within our facilities. This involves regular maintenance of common areas, including restrooms and the kitchen, as well as ensuring proper waste disposal and segregation to create a safe environment for our Beshies and their children. Additionally, we promote gardening activities to encourage learning and the application of valuable skills for their future.

Recovery Program

This daily well-organized engagement involving our Beshies and their children is designed to enhance their psycho-emotional well-being, aiding them in overcoming the abuse and trauma they have endured from their abusive partners or fathers.  The program addresses individual and family values formation, as well as life skills. To bolster this initiative, BFF is dedicated to reinforcing the faith and spiritual life of Beshies through prayers, Bible sharing, and attending Sunday mass.

Educational Program/Skills Training and Livelihood Assistance

Beshies and their children will receive ongoing educational support tailored to their current educational status. Women who are not in school will receive assistance in accessing the Alternative Learning System program of DepEd. Those who have completed high school can enroll in TESDA-accredited job skills training and may be supported in seeking employment upon completion of their skills training course and obtaining the NC II certificate.

Legal Assistance

When possible and necessary, the women and their children will be given legal assistance in the form of protected transportation to and from the court and free legal advice from volunteer lawyers.

Counseling Sessions and Emotional Support for Our Beshies

These sessions, which can be conducted either individually or in groups twice a month, will be facilitated by the Residential Social Worker. The goal is to assist the Beshies in addressing the psychological and emotional impacts of the abuse they have endured. This activity aims to establish a safe and supportive environment, encouraging the Beshies to openly express their feelings, gain insights, and develop coping strategies.

A Safe Place

We offer a safe temporary shelter to our clients in a discreet and undisclosed location. If you know someone in need of help, and who is ready to take the next steps to healing, you can contact us directly through this website or reach out to us via our helpline:


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