Who We Are


The Breaking Free Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit, and non-government organization registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on May 6, 2022. 

A committed team of individuals, driven by passion and dedication, came together to form the Foundation’s inaugural Board of Trustees. Working together, they swiftly developed a comprehensive plan of action to achieve the organization’s goals.

The Foundation hopes to provide shelter and support, including access to spiritual, psychological, and emotional care, as well as legal assistance if necessary on their way toward total inner healing.

One of the notable components of our initiative is our emphasis on empowerment through education and skills training, leading to increased chances of securing employment opportunities


Our Foundation is committed to providing a safe haven as well as psychological, spiritual, and emotional support for women and children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.

Our Vision

To be a recognized partner in the nation’s effort to help rebuild the broken lives of women and their children, aimed at ending gender-based violence
in support of the sustainable development goals.

Our Mission

To provide a safe space and programs to educate and empower women
and their children who are victims of domestic violence.

  • To provide safe space for women and their children
  • To enable women to take control of their lives and know their rights
  • To provide women with appropriate education and skills training
    to be self-sufficient
  • To enhance women’s self-esteem and restore their dignity and
    sense of self worth
  • To establish linkages/partnerships with other organizations
    that will help us fulfill its mission and vision

Our Objectives

  • To provide safe space for women and their children
  • To enable women to take control of their lives and know their rights

Our Target

Women (at least 18 years old) and their children (up to 7 years old) who are victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Our core values are presented through the acronym CIRCLE (Compassion, Integrity, Respect, Courage, Love & Learning, Empowerment). The CIRCLE, being a symbol of continuity and wholeness, embodies the hope and healing we have for the women and children we will serve.


A Safe Place

We offer a safe temporary shelter to our clients in a discreet and undisclosed location. If you know someone in need of help, and who is ready to take the next steps to healing, you can contact us directly through this website or reach out to us via our helpline:


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